Emma Johnston

Emma is a recovering workaholic & sensation seeker; and she's human AF. She owns & manages 2 x audiovisual & production companies; and a themeing company with her business partners & credits her meditation practice for removing anxiety from her life, increasing her creativity, and changing her relationship with stress. She's completed the AIM Teacher Training with Claire Robbie in 2021 and in 2022, Meditation Teacher Training with Jacuqi Lewis from The Broadplace.  She is a modern day meditator; with work commitments, bustling businesses; family; parental & social commitments. She is now teaching people, with the same modern day commitments to integrate this simple yet profound practice into their lives. And it’s what she loves to do.  

"How I show up, experience & engage with the world has shifted substantially since I've had a regular meditation practice.   At first these were subtle shifts.  My anxiety; what I thought was woven into the fabric of my being; a part of my personality & was just the way I was, dissipated.  And over time, I started to notice the things that used to annoy me soooo much, the emotions that would bring me to my knees, and have me worrying non-stop were not as sticky or ever lasting. Don't get me wrong - the emotions still come but they move through me so much quicker.  My recovery from stress has improved immensely, as well as my heartfelt appreciation for being human.  It is a privilege to be able to share this knowledge & practice; and witness the positive impacts it has on people's lives."

certified AIM Facilitators