Do you want to change your relationship with alcohol? Have you tried to give up drinking but can't do it alone?

At The School of Modern Meditation we offer courses and classes that are all bout become more present, purposeful and connected in our lives. Alcohol, even just moderate drinking is the opposite of presence and we live in a society where alcohol saturates daily life.

The Reset is a 3-month program that we offer to help people understand and then shift their drinking habits. It's run by SOMM Founder Claire Robbie, who has devoted her life to supporting people as they move through releasing alcohol from their lives. She's worked with hundreds of people 1:1 and also offers The Reset in a group setting twice a year.

Over the course of 3 months together Resetters will explore deeply their relationship with alcohol over the years. Look into triggers, programming, and the influence of peers and society on drinking habits.

At the foundation of the program is a meditation practice, Awareness Insight Meditation as well as weekly writing, reflection, reading and an exploration of what's beneath the reason why we drink the way we do and why it's a habit that is so tricky to shift for some.

Resetters will learn techniques and tools to use in social situations and master healthy coping mechanisms as well as develop a deep understanding of how meditation practices can dissolve the desire to drink over time.

This program can be completed in-person or via Zoom.

Why 3 months?

The first 30 days we’re setting ourselves up for success, learning new coping mechanisms and understanding our triggers. The next 30 are crucial—this is the time we really see our unhelpful conditioning at work. In the last 30 you will start to experience tangible differences in how you feel mentally and physically. Your liver is healing, your digestion works better, you’ll be sleeping differently too. It’s as though a cloud lifts.
At least 90-days alcohol-free is crucial. I’m there every step of the way.
- Claire

You will commit to a minimum of 12 sessions over approximately three months. After that Claire is always there for continued support.

You will have to Claire’s continued support throughout this process.

You will be taught Awareness Insight Meditation; you will have homework, writing activities and course reading to complete. At the beginning you must commit to your sessions with Claire and make them a priority. We can begin to space them out, further down the path. Open communication and honesty is crucial during this process.


The program is $3,400 (incl GST) If you decide to commit after the initial session, we will deduct the initial consult fee $350 from the program price. A payment plan is available.

What to expect

At the end of these sessions you will have:

  • Deepened your self-connection, self-compassion and acceptance
  • A thorough understanding of why we drink and why it gets such a foothold
  • Learned practical and achievable coping strategies
  • Developed a daily meditation practice and knowledge of how meditation can shift habits
  • Become part of a meditation and mindful drinking community

What you'll get

In addition to the sessions you will:

  • Become part of the Awareness Insight Meditation community with weekly meetings
  • Receive additional reading and listening material to support you
  • Have 24 hours access and support from Claire during the process