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Claire Robbie

Founder, SOMM Guided, SOMM BREATHE, SOMM 60, Facilitator of awareness insight meditation

Claire Robbie has been a devoted teacher of meditation and yoga for over a decade.

She has led retreats, workshops and courses in Peru, Mexico, Los Angeles, New Zealand, Fiji, The Philippines, Costa Rica. She has taught hundreds of people how to meditate, and actively supports her students in their practices.

Her teachings are the culmination of her study of Vedic, Hindu and Buddhist traditions integrated with her direct experiences from  her daily, non-negotiable practices.

"I teach people how to develop a daily meditation practice because every fibre of my being loves talking about meditation, practicing, learning about and sharing this ancient tool. I’ve experienced firsthand, what a consistent daily practice has the potential to unravel and open up for us. "

Claire also facilitates a 13-month meditation teacher training of Awareness Insight Meditation. More info here.

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Brian Berneman

SOMM Soundbath, SOMM Guided, tibetan buddhism practices

Originally from Buenos Aires, a committed student and teacher of Tibetan Buddhism from a very young age, Brian has spent the last few years here in New Zealand bringing these ancient practices to our community in a fun, accessible and easily digestible way.With a background in neuroscience and more than 15 years of experience teaching, Brian is a wellbeing leader and facilitator, who has helped hundreds of people around the world lead more balanced and meaningful lives.

Brian regularly runs courses and workshops at SOMM and leads our Wednesday & Sunday SOUNDBATHS.

He offers holistic therapies at SOMM with modalities like Family Constellations, Reiki and sound healing.Brian is also the co-founder of conscious social initiative @consciousactionnz.

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Sarah Lamb

SOMM Breathe

Sarah has fallen in love with the ancient art and science of Breathwork. She is a qualified Alchemy of Breath Facilitator and mentor to new breathworkers. With a degree in Physiology and a life-long passion for holistic wellbeing, discovering the powerful practice of breathwork and now guiding others has been a natural progression for her.

“The SOMM BREATHE format is a wonderful way to experience different breath patterns and how they affect our body, mind and spirit. Conscious breathing helps to regulate and restore your nervous system making you more resilient to life's challenges. As we take control of the breath we take control of how we feel, and how we respond to the world around us.” - Sarah

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Purnima Trasi

Full Moon Gatherings & IMMERSIVES

Purnima trained in Bangalore, India, under the Kriya Yoga lineage, with some of the most incredible teachers, Manish Pole and Neetu Singh. Her teaching is a beautiful balance between practice and spiritual inquiry. It brings together the body, mind, and prana, preparing it to sit in meditation.

Having had Yoga in her life from a very young age, watching her father practice pranayam and meditation daily, Purnima teaches with an awareness that represents this 5000 year old tradition that has been handed down through generations. She blends functional components without diluting the spiritual and traditional experience.

We feel incredibly blessed to have Purnima regularly guide not only our Full Moon gatherings but also be offering deeper immersive and advanced practices at SOMM . 🙏🏽✨

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Dr. Graham Mead


Dr Graham Mead is a South African-born medical doctor who has been exploring the field of consciousness and mind and the crucial link that intimate awareness of physiological feelings and other sensations on the body provides in liberating our ability to experience freedom and well-being, which he calls Aliveness, in every moment.

Meditate with Dr. Graham Mead every Wednesday 6:30 a.m.

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Jo Pearson

Awareness Insight Meditation

Jo Pearson has developed a deep love and respect for the ancient practices of Meditation and Breathwork the last few years. She has just finished her Meditation Teacher Training with Claire Robbie through The Modern School of Meditation, and has started her Breathwork Facilitator Training with The Alchemy of Breath. She is interested in combining the two practices when working with people helping them develop more Curiosity, Love and Awareness towards themselves and life.

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Carson is a yoga and mindfulness teacher who has always had a passion for movement. Her personal journey with the practice of yoga began in her teens and has become an integral part of her life. After leaving her career as a professional dancer, Carson dove headfirst into teaching, completing training in her native home of Canada and in her new home, New Zealand.

She is highly inspired by affirmations and believes they are an avenue for cultivating personal growth, healing, and an overwhelming sense of joy within yourself.

A class with Carson is designed to allow you space to feel nurtured and supported. Each class works with a central theme, and each pose that is explored is paired with an affirmation, allowing you to have a central focus point during each posture.

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Steven Todd


Steven J Todd is a 1:1 transformational life coach, breathwork facilitator and a qigong teacher. He specializes in helping people that are feeling disconnected and overwhelmed to reset their body (nervous system) and mind so they can become more grounded, focused and reconnected to themselves. He is internationally recognized for his breathwork workshops having facilitated for 100’s & 100’s of people over the last 5 years.

Steven describes his past life as “living on autopilot” which was the cause of his various internal struggles but eventually led to him taking a new path in life to overcome the struggles. He is a living example of how transformation from within can set you on a new path both personally and professionally. Steven has recently moved back to Auckland from Ubud, Bali (The breathwork and yoga capital of the world) where he was based for 5 years and he brings with him a wealth of wisdom and energy that he will be sharing in his classes and workshops to help people make long term sustainable changes to their lives.

Steven is very authentic to himself and this comes out in the way he teaches, he can very easily help people relax through his humour, honesty, assertiveness, understanding and empathy.

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kind words

I completed the AIM Foundational Course just over 2 years ago. Life changing! The course was able to demystify meditation for me and teach in a way that made it accessible and able to be integrated as part of everyday life. I continue to be a daily meditator and as a result have a more balanced existence and stronger sense of connection with myself and others.

- Helena
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