Awareness Insight Meditation Facilitator Training


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Awareness Insight Meditation Foundational Course

July 30 & 31, 2022

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Certified Awareness Insight Meditation Teachers

Claire Robbie

Claire Robbie has been a devoted teacher of meditation and yoga for over a decade.

She has led retreats, workshops and courses in Peru, Mexico, Los Angeles, New Zealand, Fiji, The Philippines, Costa Rica. She has taught hundreds of people how to meditate, and actively supports her students in their practices.

Her teachings are the culmination of her study of Vedic, Hindu and Buddhist traditions integrated with her direct experiences from  her daily, non-negotiable practices.

"I teach people how to develop a daily meditation practice because every fibre of my being loves talking about meditation, practicing, learning about and sharing this ancient tool. I’ve experienced firsthand, what a consistent daily practice has the potential to unravel and open up for us. "

Claire also facilitates a 13-month meditation teacher training of Awareness Insight Meditation. More info here.

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Jo Pearson

Jo Pearson has developed a deep love and respect for the ancient practices of Meditation and Breathwork the last few years. She has just finished her Meditation Teacher Training with Claire Robbie through The Modern School of Meditation, and has started her Breathwork Facilitator Training with The Alchemy of Breath. She is interested in combining the two practices when working with people helping them develop more Curiosity, Love and Awareness towards themselves and life.

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Caroline Sherratt

In such a transitional time of her life, feeling disconnected, living a life following should’s and expectations, Caroline feels very grateful to have found yoga and meditation. Practice’s that have reminded her of what it feels like to live a life of meaning and connection again. Caroline is now a teacher of yoga and having just finished her Meditation Teacher Training with Claire Robbie through the School of Modern Meditation, now a teacher of Meditation also.

Experiencing firsthand what has unravelled for her through these practices, Caroline’s wish is to teach meditation in a way that feels accessible to others and not so against the status quo.

Caroline is also the Co Founder of The Practice of Self; a community for younger women, where understanding our humanness is at the forefront when it comes to finding clarity in direction, defining our own version of success and cultivating more presence, joy and meaning in life.

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Kathryn Thomas

Kathryn is a certified Mindfulness and Health Coach and has just completed her Awareness Insight Teacher Training with Claire Robbie. She has cultivated a passion for these ancient practices and rituals having grown up in the UK, Middle East and Mediterranean and is excited to share how they can be incorporated into our modern world. She has been practicing since her early teens and has been coaching clients in wellness for almost 10 years now. She is also the founder of Conscious Me where she shares her meditation and wellness coaching.

“Meditation has transformed each and every area of my life. Learning how to cultivate a truly self-sufficient practice has been the catalyst for some of the greatest things in my life. This is a tool that can help you to transform whatever imbalances you are living with - I know this first hand. Having this tool as I have navigated deep grief, motherhood, change of careers, a pandemic and more. It has taught me how to become an expert on a topic I once believed I was an expert in - myself! I love being able to share this tool with others.”

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