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The School of Modern Meditation

We are a modern meditation school that runs daily classes of breathwork, sound work, meditation, Qigong, EFT Tapping and more. Our classes, courses and workshops are a modern take on practices that have been around for thousands of years. All our 30 or 60 minute classes are suitable for new and experienced meditators. SOMM has made these time-tested and infallible practices accessible to all and easy to integrate into any kind of schedule.

All our practices are a gift for your nervous system and a chance to slow down -- the antidote to stress, overwhelm and living unconsciously from a place of reaction rather than joy and creation.

Our classes can be done live online or in-person at our central Auckland studio.

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who are our classes for?

Anyone and everyone. Our classes are suitable for new and experienced meditators alike. We demystify meditation and strip away the dogma. You don't have to be able to sit a certain way or know what to do, our facilitators are here to guide, support and broaden your understanding of what meditation is.

what do i wear?

You don't need a special outfit to meditate. All our classes can be done in regular clothing as all you'll be doing is sitting still. If you're joining us online you can stop, drop and practice at work, in the car or anywhere you have a good internet connection.

What if I already have a meditation practice?

All our classes are created to amplify any meditative practices, and most of all have us meditating in community. Each class explores different techniques and then gives you a chance to practice, integrate and then incorporate into your lives. Everything we teach can be incorporated into a daily practice. We also run courses to encourage self-sufficient practices also. The more who meditate, the merrier.

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kind words

I completed the AIM Foundational Course just over 2 years ago. Life changing! The course was able to demystify meditation for me and teach in a way that made it accessible and able to be integrated as part of everyday life. I continue to be a daily meditator and as a result have a more balanced existence and stronger sense of connection with myself and others.

- Helena
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