Walk, Breathe, Plunge

Sunday, July 21, 2024
35.00 NZD
8.00 a.m

In Walk, Breathe, Plunge we combine some of our favourite things: the ocean, breathwork and meditation for these once a month experiences that are an absolute delight for your nervous system.An extension from our walking meditation we have timed these sessions with high tide at Cheltenham Beach so we can spend some time immersed in the cool water after a walking meditation and an energising breathwork session together.

Walking meditation has been used in many different traditions as a way to cultivate mindfulness and access the presence always available to us in everyday activities. The practice involves very deliberating contemplation about and doing a series of actions that you normally do automatically. Before the practice we will break down the components of each step and give the students clear instruction.

After the walking meditation we will breathe together before slipping into the ocean for a contemplative immersion in the cool water. We meet at the Bath Street Reserve at the North End of Cheltenham Beach at 8:00AM.

Please be ready in your swimming attire for the walk and meditation to aid a seamless entry into the water. You may like to sit on a towel, and bring any beach accoutrements you may need.

The session is led by Jo Pearson: AIM & Alchemy of Breath Facilitator and cold plunge aficionado.‍



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