SOMM Sound IMMERSIVES - Duet of Vibrations: Sound Healers Unite at SOMM

Wednesday, October 25, 2023
65.00 NZD
7:00 p.m.

Dive into an auditory oasis this October at SOMM. For one exclusive evening, we bring together the mesmerising talents of Brian and Jess, uniting them for a transcendent dual sound bath session.

Our signature SOMM Sound events provide an immersive sound experience. As you lie down and close your eyes, let the symphony of singing bowls, gongs, bells, and other instruments harmonise your body, mind, and emotions. At SOMM, your comfort is our priority. We supply mats and blankets for your ultimate relaxation, but you're welcome to bring your own for a personalised touch.

Whether you're a sound bath aficionado or a first-timer, this unique medley of healing sounds promises profound relaxation and inner connection. Let the harmonies envelop, soothe, and rejuvenate your spirit.

Good news for our dedicated SOMM members! This event is included in the SOMM Full Access and SOMM 365 membership. For those looking to join just for this experience, drop-ins are also welcome.

Embrace the magic of sound and the transformative power of two maestros harmonising in one unique space, only at SOMM.

Mark your calendars and secure your spot in this unmatched sound journey. Places are limited.



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