Solar Eclipse Tea Ceremony & Reflection

Tuesday, April 9, 2024
65.00 NZD
6:30 - 8:30 p.m

Join tea ceremonialist, meditation teacher and artist Sierra from The Grounded Circle, and certified coach and facilitator Rose from Vessel Wellbeing, for an evening of introspection, ideation, inspiration and celebration around light and shadow.The energy of a solar eclipse offers a rare celestial opportunity to amplify your intentions so it’s an ideal time to slow down, explore the contrasts in your life, listen to your inner charm and reflect on any changes you want to embrace going forward.

This gathering will include:

- Mindful tea ceremony as a practice of honouring the present moment and connecting deeper to ourselves and to nature

- We will use Tie Guan Yin oolong - the tea of autumn. This is one of the oldest varieties of oolong tea in China and it is named after the Chinese goddess of mercy Guan Yin. Tie Guan Yin means the Iron Goddess of Mercy

- A guided meditation on acceptance. This meditation invites you on a journey of embracing and exploring the dance between light and shadow as a metaphor for internal reflection and growth

- Creative coaching exercises to explore the contrasts within your life

- Final gratitude meditation to round our evening out

Sierra is an artist and meditation facilitator originally from Hanoi, Vietnam. Starting her journey of learning and teaching meditation in 2014, at the beginning of last year, Sierra started bringing the art of tea into her meditation workshops. She is now offering the Vietnamese tea appreciation ceremonies and tea meditation classes all around Auckland. Sierra is a devotee of joy and love. Her passion is to support people’s wellness and to bring the community together through the way of tea.

Rose is a certified coach, mediation apprentice and workshop facilitator with a background in social sciences, psychology, entrepreneurship and creative industries. After navigating a range of challenging midlife health issues, Rose was inspired to return to tertiary study and delve deep into the world of women’s personal and professional wellbeing, so that she could provide support for others journeying through this transformative phase of life. Rose founded Vessel Wellbeing to offer one-on-one coaching services, workshops and other opportunities for women to connect together in community.



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