Restorative Yoga & Sound Immersion

Friday, April 26, 2024
65.00 NZD
7:00 - 8:30 p.m

Immerse yourself in a unique blend of restorative yoga paired with the healing vibrations of a live sound bath led by Jess and Kayla. This 90-minute special monthly offering at SOMM offers a sanctuary for deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

The class will begin by gently guiding you through a series of restorative yoga poses designed to soothe, calm and prepare the mind and body for ultimate relaxation. Through the support of props and gentle adjustments, you are invited to surrender into each posture, easing tension and stress.

Jess, sound therapist and reiki master uses the power of sound and reiki to reproduce the effects of meditation and facilitate healing following these poses. She combines the powerful practices of integrating modern science with ancient wisdom to help restore physical and spiritual wholeness.

Kayla's live singing, infused with heartfelt intention, is woven through the class to guide you on a journey of inner exploration and transformation.

What to Expect:
- A nurturing and supportive atmosphere to unwind and let go
- Gentle, restorative yoga poses accessible to all levels
- Healing vibrations of crystal bowls and live singing
- Deep relaxation and stress relief
- Enhanced mental clarity and emotional well-being
- A profound sense of rejuvenation

Whether you are needing a moment to retreat from demands of daily life, wish to release tension stored in the body, or simply desire a peaceful space to recharge, this combination of restorative yoga and sound bath will help leave you feeling nourished and balanced.



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