Radiant & Ageless: An Evening with Claire Robbie and Olga Newman on Facial Rejuvenation

Tuesday, September 26, 2023
35.00 NZD
7:00 p.m

As part of SOMM's "The Grace of Ageing" series, we are thrilled to have Claire Robbie hosting an unmissable evening with Olga Newman, the founder and creator of Face Up. Join us for a transformative talk and demonstration session focused on 'The Art and Science of Ageing Gracefully with The Face Up Method.'

Join us online as this event promises to challenge the conventional wisdom about ageing, particularly when it comes to facial care. Olga will delve deep into the interconnectedness of the body and face, backed by sound anatomical correlations. She'll discuss the psychosomatic and energetic factors that influence how we age, giving you a fresh perspective on this universal process.

Don't miss the finale of the talk, where Olga will give a captivating self-massage demonstration. She'll showcase her holistic approach to maintaining a youthful and radiant face, introducing you to techniques you can use in your everyday life.

About Olga

Before finding her calling in the realm of facial wellness, Olga had a successful career in business development and real estate. Her life took a transformative turn eight years ago when she discovered the profound potential of facial massages. Olga has since undergone extensive training in techniques like face sculpting, buccal massage, and acupuncture. Her brainchild, the Face Up Method, serves as a holistic, evidence-based approach to countering the effects of age-related changes in the face.



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