How Meditation Helps Curb the Urge to Drink - ONLINE

Thursday, December 1, 2022
28.00 NZD

Before finding meditation, Rory was a heavy binge drinker getting more and more tired of wasting days being hungover and less than productive. After learning to meditate, his need to drink gradually lessened until he quit completely in 2017. He now teaches other people how to use meditation to reduce their reliance on alcohol. In this talk, Rory will explain the Vedic style of meditation he teaches, how it works and other useful tips and strategies for moderating your alcohol intake in the run up to Christmas. He’ll also lead a group meditation.

Rory Kinsella is a writer and Vedic Meditation teacher based in Sydney, Australia. A former hard-drinking musician and journalist, he quit alcohol in 2017 and has written widely about his experiences, including in the Sydney Morning Herald.

He is the creator of the Wise Monkey Way online program to help people change their relationship with alcohol through meditation, has contributed meditations to apps such as Insight Timer and Meditation Studio and has taught meditation at some of Australia’s biggest companies.

He teaches an effortless style of meditation using a mantra that allows the mind to move beyond thoughts to a place of stillness within.