Full Moon Circle: Lotus Tea Ceremony & Meditation

Friday, February 23, 2024
65.00 NZD
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Our theme for February's Full Moon is Rebirth. Just as the lotus flower pushes through the mud and grit to flourish everyday with brilliance and purity so can we.  Each day is a new opportunity for starting again.

This thoughtful collaboration consists of a mindfulness Tea Ceremony and meditation led by Sierra, and reflection and journaling circle led by Rose. At SOMM co-creation of our events between facilitators enhances the connection and community feeling of our experiences.

Tea meditation is the art of celebrating the beauty & the depth of a single moment through the way of tea. The mindfulness tea ceremony has been around for centuries and is widely regarded for its meditative and therapeutic benefits. People worldwide take this herbal brew for granted, not realising that sipping tea is a form of meditation, the rituals of brewing and drinking tea can enhance the practice of being present.

For this ceremony Sierra will use Vietnamese organic Lotus green tea she bought from a tea house in Hanoi (the green tea is from their farm, and the lotus is from their pond). For this lotus tea, the green tea is put inside the lotus flower and in the ceremony, Sierra will peel off the lotus petal to reveal the tea. Note that as we are using green tea there will be small amounts of caffeine.

Flowing on from the tea ceremony and meditation, Rose will lead a personal workbook activity centred around lotus symbology, nature's cycles, rebirth, beginnings and endings.

At the end attendees can offer their lotus petals into the fire, a symbol of letting go.

This event is suitable for all levels of meditator. Please bring a pen and notebook.

Included in SOMM 365, Full Access, class packs and drop-ins welcome.



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