Awareness Insight Meditation: Meditation Foundation Course

Thursday, July 25, 2024
Thursday, August 1, 2024
August 8, 2024
350.00 NZD
6:30 - 8:00 P.M

In this 3-part foundational meditation course our students learn everything they need to know about meditation in order to cultivate a daily practice or deepen an existing practice. Awareness Insight Meditation is an open monitoring style of mediation that is non-dogmatic in its approach but with influences from Eastern traditions. It stands apart from many meditation courses in that it reveals and explains meditation as a "process" and way of life, rather than a technique. In fact to teach meditation as a technique is just the tip of a beautiful, deep and revelatory iceberg.

To truly absorb, embody and integrate the magic of the meditative process, we must becoming consistent meditators, and this course helps us do that as well as provides deep insight into what it really is to be human. What you "get" from your practice will be directly proportionate to the time and commitment you put in, but most importantly how seriously you take the the art of surrender.

The course is taught in three 1.5 hour parts in the SOMM studio and online. When you register you will get a link, closer to the course we will ask if you plan on attending online or in-studio.

Part 1: The Foundation of Meditation

- What meditation is and what it is not

- The three layers of awareness

- How to practice, when to practice

Part 2: The Psychology of Being Human

- Our basic psychology and how meditation works with this

- The most common reasons we don't want to practice and how to make friends with resistance

- Radical acceptance and the key to happiness

Part 3: - Meditation as a process

- The basic neuroscience of meditation

- The mind-body connection

"As meditators twice a day we have a practice that facilitates what we call ‘unstressing’. As our practice takes us into a deep state of rest we unravel and start to release a lifetime's accumulation of energy that has been trapped within us. Over time we process and let go of the long-term negative effects of this conditioning. We also have a daily process that makes the unconscious, conscious." - Claire Robbie

This is a course we recommend all our SOMM members to attend as it is the foundation of all awareness-based practices we offer at SOMM. There is a 50% discount for SOMM Members.

Please email for the discount code. A payment plan is also available upon registration. We do have discounted rates for students, seniors and single parents. Please get in touch via if you would like to learn more.

If you are already a student of AIM you can resit this course anytime. Please use the discount code in the community FB group.



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