August Sobriety Session

Monday, August 5, 2024
45.00 NZD
6:00 p.m - 7:00 p.m

On the first Monday of each month we have a sobriety check-in.  At SOMM many of our community are alcohol-free or exploring this for themselves and we are committed to supporting people as they walk this path.

In these sessions the coach/mentor will explore:

- Their experiences
- Any challenges or tricky moments
- Share ways to move through challenges
- Provide a safe and connected environment for you to listen and share (only if you want to)

You don't have to have a "problem" with alcohol to make a decision to stop. Many people are choosing to live differently, and make the positive choice to release alcohol from their lives, however, it's not mainstream or conventional and so at SOMM we have created ways for you to check-in and chat with people likeminded people. Community is at the core of all that we do, and to have the support of others as you dare to live differently will scaffold you as you move through life in a way that can at times provoke questions and challenges.

The sessions are included in My Sober Year and The Reset Program.

These sessions are run by The Reset Alumni and SOMM Sobriety Coaches. All people who are exploring being alcohol-free.

Please note that these sessions are recorded for the SOMM Sobriety Library.



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