Art & Tea Mindfulness Sessions

Sunday, July 21, 2024
55.00 NZD
1:30 - 3:30 P.M

oin Sierra on a two-hour journey that celebrates mindfulness, creativity, and the way of living in tune with nature's rhythm. The journey includes a mindfulness tea ceremony and an art journaling session.

Exploring a way of honouring the present moments as we immerse ourselves in the ancient rituals of tea, where each sip fosters a deeper connection within ourselves and with the world we live in. The tradition of tea that we will be sharing together is Cha Dao (The Way of Tea), a practice that is rooted in the philosophy of Dao from ancient China. A Cha Dao tea sitting with a community is an opportunity to slow down, share moments of tranquility, connection, and humility. We will be having winter High Mountain oolong tea, growns in the mountains of central Taiwan, a grounding and nourishing tea for a cold season.

The journey will continue with an art journaling session, a practice that helps regulate our emotions and offers a nurturing space to reflect and express ourselves through art. We will be exploring the expressive and therapeutic power of combining images, words and other materials to craft personalized journal pages. It will be a mixed media art journaling with different mediums like markers, crayons, caligraphy pens, coloured pencils,... and different materials and up-cycled materials such as dried plants & flowers, magazines' cutouts, stickers, etc.

All art supplies are included. Feel free to bring your own journal, or any old book and old journal to repurpose into your new art journal. You are also welcomed to bring your own art supplies if you would like to as well.



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