SOMM ONLINE Breathwork Journey – A Spring Awakening

Sunday, September 24, 2023
7:00 p.m.
45.00 NZD

As Spring brings a renewed sense of life to the natural world, so too does it offer us a perfect backdrop for inner rejuvenation. This season of transformation mirrors the opportunities we find in life for introspection, growth, and emotional release. It's a harmonious time to deepen our commitment to conscious living, making the essence of Spring the soul of this month's SOMM's online Breathwork Journey.

Our Breathwork Journeys utilise a powerful combination of controlled breathing techniques, intuitive guidance, and ambient music to create an immersive, holistic experience. Accessible through high-quality headphones, this digital retreat invites you to ease physical tension, declutter your mental landscape, and elevate your spiritual awareness. Through the intentional practice of conscious breath, you explore untouched emotional depths, ultimately emerging revitalised in mind, body, and spirit.

In the vibrant canvas of Spring, our session transforms into a virtual garden of inner exploration. As new life blooms around us, you're invited to nurture the seeds of your own growth, turning inward to process and release the complex emotions and experiences that form the fabric of your daily life.

Guided by our seasoned instructor Sarah Lamb, this Spring's journey promises a blend as harmonious as the season itself. Conscious breathwork is orchestrated with empathetic guidance and evocative, Spring-inspired music. This melding of elements facilitates a profound shift in your consciousness, offering avenues for deep introspection and expansive personal growth.

Join us this Spring as we venture through the lush and untamed landscapes of our inner selves. With the SOMM Online Breathwork Journey as your compass, delve deep into your inner world, nurturing the seeds of your future growth, and emerge as renewed as the season itself.



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