Breathwork Journey with Jo Pearson

Tuesday, August 13, 2024
95.00 NZD
7:00 - 9:00 PM

Each month we gather for a deeper, more intensive two hour conscious connected breathwork experience. An immersive experience that will be focused on releasing any heaviness and tension that we may carry around physically, energetically, and mentally - often unconsciously as a way to help detox the mind and body.  

This journey will be an opportunity to reset the nervous system, and your mindset - we liken it to a deep clean, an energetic laundering of the body, emotions and mental clutter. Into the new space we can welcome different ways of being and seeing the world.

These journeys are beautiful stand-alone practices, but deeper work is always amplified if we also have small, consistent, daily practices like SOMM BREATHE.

This experience includes:

- Gentle movement

- Conscious Connected Breath Journey

- Space at the end of the breathing to allow integration and rest

- Time for journaling and a gentle detox tea (if you would like to stay)

From Jo: "I look forward to supporting you all on this journey, with the help of Sarah Lamb. From the start of working with one another we have had an intuitive and seamless way of working in harmony to create a safe and supportive space for breathers that allows a deeper "letting go" and acceptance of oneself.  

What is Conscious Connected Breathwork? CCB is a therapeutic, science-based, spiritually informed beathwork practice that involves the use of conscious rhythmic breathing patterns that help facilitate physical, emotional, and psychological release, shifts and insights.

The reported benefits and effects of this practice may include:

- Expansion of self-awareness

- Clearing of emotional blockages

- Processing of challenging unconscious material

- Reduced stress levels and improvement in mood

- More energy, and focus

No experience needed, everyone welcome, 15+ please. Please book early to avoid missing out on a space.Essentials for the journey include a water bottle and journal. Please bring a pillow and blanket, an optional eye mask + extra bedding to make your "nest". Yoga mats and bolsters provided.

Come as you are.



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