From AIM Lead Facilitator - Claire Robbie

People meditate for many reasons, with consistency and patience, the benefits of this ancient tool are endless. Some of the shifts or ‘benefits’ of a regular meditation practice that I have experienced are:

  • An integration of stress and chronic anxiety anxious,
  • Deeper contentment with relationships, work, life as a whole
  • The dissolution of unhealthy habits and coping mechanisms such as over-drinking and binge-drinking
  • A healthier relationship with my body and food
  • Overcome fears, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs
  • Improved health, increased energy levels
  • Resilience and adaptability to help me move though difficult areas/phases of my life
  • More joy, and peace of mind
  • Improved focus and attention span
  • A deeper sense of compassion and empathy
  • A easeful discernment of priorities

The most important aspect of how I teach meditation though, is showing you how to incorporate it into your life because fundamentally, for you to reap the benefits of meditation -- you do have to meditate!

Each time we meditate we also cultivate discipline, flexibility, self-compassion and acceptance. Just by the gentle gesture of choosing to be with ourselves and check in we give ourselves space to witness emotions, relax into the moment and practice surrender.